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This Week

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 20, 2014

Online Giving

Online Giving is now available at San Isidro!

Your contributions to our church can be made online without writing checks or worrying about cash donations.
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Archbishop's Charity and Development Drive

Bible & Video Study

Join us
Every Wednesday at 7pm,
Saint Vincent’s Room.

Come and learn about 2 Peter
*A water bottle will be provided,
you may bring your friends and family.

For more information please contact: Orazio “omike” Fichera
(954) 971 4360 / Cell (954) 856 3492

Schedule for the coming weeks
Dates for 2Peter
Peter’s Second Letter

Wednesday, July 23th - 2 Peter Chapter 2 verses 1 to 22

Wednesday, July 30th - Chapter 3 verses 1 to 18 concludes2 Peter - his 2 nd Letter

Religious Education

The registrations for CCD will be until Thursday, July 24th. They will resume on Tuesday, August 5th, Monday through Friday from 11am to 6pm closed from 2pm-3pm for lunch.

You need to bring the following documents:

Birth Certificate

Baptismal Certificate.

1st Communion Certificate (for the Sacrament of Confirmation).

$75.00 along with the registration form.

Healing Mass

Italian Mass

Second Anuual Christmas Concert

Please click here to download pdf >>