San Isidro

Catholic Church

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A - Registration

To register your child it is necessary that:

  • Bring the Birth Certificate of the child that is going to be baptized.
  • Parents must bring some type of ID.
  • The Godparents must be older than 16 years old, must be active Catholics, and must have all the Sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Communion, Confirmation).
  • The Godparents may be single or married by the Catholic Church.
  • If the Godparents attend another Parish they must bring a letter that states that they are registered members of that Parish and that they qualify as sponsors.
  • If the Parents of the child are registered at another Parish, they must bring a letter from their Pastor stating that they have permission to baptize in our Parish.
  • The donations will be of $50.00 for registered members and $75.00 for Non-registered members.

B - Pre-Baptismal Talk

Once the Child is registered for Baptism the Parents and Godparents must attend a pre-baptismal class prior to the Baptism.

Please be aware that children must not attend this class. Please make babysitting arrangements so that someone can help you take care of your child as you attend the talk.

C - Baptism

After following all the guidelines, a Baptism date is selected.

If the Baptism will be celebrated in San Isidro, then a date will be provided to you by the Church's office.

The Priest will sign the Baptismal Certificate following the Sacrament and the certificate will be given to you on the same day.

You will be scheduled a date when all the guidelines have been met and all the papeerwork has been turned in.