San Isidro Catholic Church

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A Message from the Pastor

Dear Parishioners,

As most of us continue to stay at home due to the pandemic, we have and will continue to live stream our daily and weekend masses.

We recently received communication from the Archbishop of Miami, that there might be a possibility of reopening the churches with a congregation possibly by May 31st, Pentecost Sunday.

A perfect time to open if everything works as planned! Therefore, we need to prepare for the reopening by keeping in mind several things.

The Archdiocese is advising that those parishioners 80 years and over and those with underlying health conditions remain at home so that they may continue to stay safe. The obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues to be dispensed. For parishioners who wish to attend mass in person, they must observe the following steps:

  • Masses will resume at the regularly scheduled time with live stream service being offered for the Sunday, 9am English Mass, and 11:30am, Spanish Mass.
  • Bring hand sanitizer (such as Purell) and some disinfectant wipes so that you may wipe the pew before and after you leave and wipe any door handle you may have touched.
  • Please wear a mask at all times. Sorry, people without a face mask will be turned away.
  • Gloves are optional but if you do bring gloves, they must be removed at communion time.
  • The Church will have a capacity of no more than 250 persons and the Parish Hall at about 80 should we exceed the mandated capacity limits. This means that we will accept parishioners on a “first come, first served” basis. Please be patient as we work this unusual system out. Yes, we may need to celebrate two masses simultaneously for the larger crowds and once we reach capacity, late coming parishioners may have to be turned away and invited to the next scheduled mass. Remember, that you may be able to watch the mass live streamed from home should this happen.
  • The Church will have sections indicated for families and another for individuals. All parishioners MUST observe social distancing. Ushers will assist families who will sit together in pews but separated by six feet per family.
  • Individuals will also be separated by six feet. Every other pew will be unoccupied to properly observe social distancing. Remember, this is done to protect parishioners from gettng infected. This is a highly contagious virus.
  • For the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we will use the Chapel at the regularly scheduled time. Parishioners wishing to confess will line up observing social distance in the hallway and enter the chapel one at a time and exiting in the area behind the chapel altar.
  • For those parishioners not using Online Giving, you may bring your offertory to mass preferably in an envelope. At offertory, there will be a collection basket in designated areas in the church where you and/or a designated family member will walk up to and place your offertory in the basket.
  • At Communion time, one main aisle will be utilized, and you will notice tape on the floor separating each communicant by 6 feet to observe social distancing measures. While communicants have the right to receive by hand or mouth, we STRONGLY recommend the option of receiving in the hand. Yes, either option can still transmit the virus, but we advise that all communicants sanitize their hand prior to receiving so as to reduce the risk.
  • The option to receive the Precious Blood has been temporarily suspended.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available at the door entrance and in the restrooms and be sure to read the posted procedures as to how to sanitize yourself when using the restrooms.
  • Lectors are asked to sanitize the ambo with wipes before and after proclaiming the Word of God before and after mass.
  • Sacristans will be asked to sanitize all liturgical vessels and books with wipes after Mass.
  • For the safety of its members, choirs are still suspended until further notice. We will either have a live musician and/or live stream our Musician in most of the masses.
  • All these measures are in place for everyone’s safety as per the archdiocesan guidelines. We are excited to reopen once we get the green light from the archbishop as the clergy miss having a congregation.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (954) 971-8789 ext. 210 or email:

Can’t wait to see everyone again!

In Christ Our Lord,
Reverend Wilfredo Contreras